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API Shanghai 2024 concluded successfully

Dear friends Shanghai International Fun Life and Health Products Expo The curtain has come to a successful end An unforgettable industry event Exciting and showcasing highlights! Dongguan Xinchuangmei Health Products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinchuangmei) has gone through more than 6 years of deep cultivation and innovation. In this exhibition, we showcase the latest and highest quality designs, the latest colors (gradient colors), explore new modes of cooperation, integrate new developments, and meet new future needs. We bring a visual feast to customers and audiences, jointly explore industry development trends, and create a better future!


Xinchuangmei Exhibition

Promoting healthier and more personalized sex toys is the direction for Xinchuang Beauty to move forward. Our original intention remains unchanged, constantly creating high-quality sex toys that are close to the public, bringing consumers a new and passionate experience in their lives, and making the world more emotional and interesting!



On site negotiations




There is a continuous stream of on-site customers, attracting numerous customers and enthusiasts to come and learn more about our products.

Thank you to every customer and friend who has visited our booth. Let's look forward to the next gathering and continue to write a wonderful chapter!